Twig jewelry display on Apartment Therapy.

With her finger on Austin’s creative pulse, fellow blogger Adrienne Breaux posted Gadora’s twigs on Apartment Therapy. Titled, A Fresh Take on Branch Jewelry Displays she goes on to say, “Draping lovely baubles on a branch from the backyard isn’t a new idea… If you have been wondering how to make it more sleek rather than DIY, we’ve got the how-to tips from Austin’s creative maven Gadora Wilder.” Awwww.

Gadora’s Animal Prints featured on YHL…

For a little home blogger (and insatiable follower), it’s a BIG deal when a respected and well-trafficked site ~ Young House Love ~ loves the little ways I’m staying creative. Thank you SO much for the shout out John and Sherry. Their give-away winner Angela and I have been in touch and I’m busy painting her pair of Guinea Pigs: Piglet and Tigger.

Just YOU wait. They make a most handsome pair…you’ll see.

Featured “Junker” on JunkMarketStyle

Gadora has been faithfully posting her furniture re-dos on the junking collective JunkMarketStyle…and today received a nod in their “memberjunk spotlight” for my Piano bench turned child creative center. Thank you JMS! Much appreciated.

Memberjunk Spotlight...

BTW, this piece is still looking for a home: Chalkboard center listed on Etsy.

Wednesday’s are indeed GOOD days…

Happy Hump Day on the cusp of the last official day of 2009 (always been my fave, especially having discovered my five favorite starlets—myself included—all share the same birth day. Woe are we.) Don’t know about you folks, but Gadora is eager to bid 2009 a big fat good riddance. While I’m completely fortunate in many immeasurable ways, 2009 has not been without want. And some unwanted free time. Tick. Tock.

A talented friend, who is currently in the throes of creating her own nest, turned me onto Young House Love… a darling design duo who happily share their penchant for snappy decor with the rest of us. Their December favorite child post was poignant as I’d recently posted Quentin’s “part 1st child” story, and got to thinking… they want a Burger portrait… the just don’t know it yet. So with my newfangled affinity towards yippy Chihuahuas… Gadora set out to spread some holiday cheer.

The best Burger.

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Gadora featured in Watercolor Artist magazine

Gadora’s been perusing the local book stores lately. A little birdie told me there’d be an Animal Print mention in Watercolor Artist magazine’s holiday gift guide, but they’d all been sold or were awaiting current issue. After a few fruitful days in North Texas, Gadora returned home to find two copies addressed to my attention…

Watercolor Artist holiday issue
Watercolor Artist holiday issue

Watercolor Artist ran “Audry ~ Cairn Terrier” as the barks-person, hers is a darling Animal Print for sure! Thank you so much Jessica for the mention. It is truly appreciated.