Baby-makin’ felted Birdie

Gadora has befriended (or rather she’s befriended me) this groovy Gal. She’s a fellow Roller Girl. A real sweet crafter. And she’s  currently got the Baby Bug. Freals… Having turned me on to the felting craft, I thought it high time to beget her a bird. And because she has a cunning sense of humor, Gadora got down with her Fertility Bird. Using the Peruvian and Chilean coastal Inca Tern as reference, I gave her bird a preggers belly and one heck-of-a ‘stache. (Sorry Lady, I think growing unwanted body hair is another unpleasant side effect of being-with-fetus.)

Mustached baby-making bird

No matter, her bird also sports three felted dangling balls… they’re totally fun to finger.

Bird's balls...

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Lucky No.3 felted bird: BulBul

Having a ball felting birds, my precious peeps. Though to date, it’s only been 3. Oh but the plans I have for my bags of beads and jars of buttons… A Southern-friend situated in Dallas requested Gadora create a felted bird for her. I’d be thrilled, I trilled. He would have to be special. A bit frilly. Definitely bejeweled. And everybody would love him.

Bulbul Bird.

Gadora was kind of thinking I’d construct my friend a Goldfinch from Alabama. But by incorporating the lovely hues of her witty abode, Gadora inadvertently created a yellow-bellied Bulbul, known to some as the Alophoixus phaeocephalus. No matter, he’s quite handsome. Here, Mr. BulBul perches proudly along the walk outside and enjoys the sunshine of a blustery day…

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Le Peacock felt creature…

Gadora had such a fun time felting Sr. Pajaro, and has relished how quickly he came together. He is simply silly. This morning, the BFF quipped, “I want a peacock.” Here, complete with toe-ring. 

Le Peacock. Erect.

At last night’s Wondercraft Grand Opening, I took a few minutes to visit with Austin Etsy artist Joyce Hazlerig of Gypsy Harte who does more than dabble in fibers. The convo got more creative juices going. And today, Le Peacock was born. Her fancy tail-feathers almost draw your eye away from hers, but her frilly button-front shirt ensures you’ll look again.

Le Peacock, close-up.

Sr. Pajaro to the rescue…

Sandwiched between two sunny 50º days, it snowed and snowed in Austin yesterday and was a happy and unexpected surprise. Gadora met it with mixed emotions. Receiving both wildly good news and very sad news—both in the same day—I charged yesterday embracing endings, ready for new beginnings. Whew! Early on I finished a few watercolors and nestled in the living room for a brief respite. Dragging out a package of felting supplies and roving that a knitting-fiend, errr friend gave me over the weekend, Gadora wanted to take a stab at felting and see how quickly something good would come.

Meet Sr. Pajaro.

Without the first clue how to felt a creature, I read the rudimentary instructions and reviewed my earlier posting about collecting cat hair. (So?) At post’s end I linked to Brookelynn’s Craftzine how-to-felt post, which suggests viewing her how-to-felt video. I watched. And I made. First the legs: a simple left-over piece of copper wire was bent into legs…

Frog legs. No!

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