Love letters…

A long-time devotee of doodling, the kiddo Gadora spent many an hour practicing cursive, trying to emulate my Dad’s near-perfect Architectural lettering and scribbling my name in notebooks. I hadn’t a clue one could actually make a living manipulating letters. As a professional, I eventually made a living with my own letters – not as a graphic artist, but as a writer. And in the magazine biz, I happily brushed shoulders with folks romantically fanatic about their favorite fonts. They did pretty things with letters I never could.

With Valentine’s Day in the rear-view mirror, and my Sugar 1,127 miles away, I write an ode to letters – inspired by the much appreciated love letters Gadora recently received in the mail. Letter writing is not a lost art. Nor is decorating with them…

During one of our Skype dates, The Valentine forwarded this DIY project idea. Oooh, I like the way you’re thinking… It’s dreamy and touches on so much of what Gadora digs: reusing and repurposing stuff otherwise ready for a landfill. Dana of house*tweaking gives us a how-to turn an old fence into a fancy new headboard.

The Love Bed by house*tweaking

And here, how it looks all dolled up.

Love bed in the room...

Gadora never embraced the latest letter decal craze. Sure, I loves me some stickers, but they’re reserved for my bumper or metal tool box, but definitely not my wall. That said, this font wall, from Italian company Wall & Deco, is actually a fancy wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Thanks Tidystuff for posting.

Letterpress wall.

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The Weld House: Fast and Furious furniture…

An update on the 2nd Floor lounge. We’ve put the petal to the metal, and it pretty much rocks. But first a quote, “It takes 8,460 bolts to assemble an automobile, and one nut to scatter it all over the road.” ~Author Unknown.

It takes the work of one genius—Joel Hester of The Weld House—to reshape automobile metal into relevant home furnishings. He’s got a knack for seeing the future in old rusty car parts, which he translates into working furniture. Here, a ’65 Chevy stepside…

Before ~ Hood

that eventually became this…

65 Chevy-turned-coffee table

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Making furniture (and such) out of car parts…

Sadly, Gadora’s Wonder Wagon was in a fender-bender last week. See my sad face? This week I was able to drive “The Paiger” to a few repair shops to see about getting her fixed back up. They’ll reload her with a new bumper and a refurbished trunk. Got Gadora to thinking, what might happen with my used and broken car parts?

Thanks DailyCandy for the e-introduction to Joel Hester, of Dallas-based The Weld House. L-O-V-E his work! He faithfully scrounges salvage yards turning mangled steel into coffee tables, consoles, beds and such. Hard to say he’d find this kind of inspiration from my Mazda wagon as he’s more an old school kind-of-guy… but he just might.

BEFORE: A beater with a personality begs for transformation…

62 Ford Galaxie

AFTER: As Joel says, “the hit the car took buckled the hood but the skin separated from the underside of the hood and the sheet metal was not kinked or bent. Once I cut the sheet metal skin from the hood’s underside, it was back to its flat condition. Lucky on many levels.” We’ll say.

Finished 62 Ford Galaxie

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Loving another creature is fishy…

Some of the consultation Gadora’s colleagues have offered: I’m sorry about your cat, the best thing to do is get another one. The answer is unequivocally NO. I survived seventeen years of fuzzy love, hair on my clothes, and worries about weekends away and the rest of the responsibilities that came along with being a responsible pet owner.

But I have joked. I’ve had to. “There’s a strict no replacement policy. Maybe I’ll get a fish.” In reality I’m not angling to snare a fish. I eat them. I’m certainly not looking to love anything else right now. In Vegas Harley had a nest on the ottoman—just a pink wet nose  away from the fish tank. They were African Cichlids, and when we treated them to feeder fish, Harley thoroughly enjoyed his front-row seat. This one’s for you Pooh! Gadora has rounded-up a few clever fishy abodes.

A simple, repurposed round light-bulb tank for a lone little Beta fish by StarRedesigns on Etsy might make for a really happy fish.

Repurposed Light-buld by StarRedesigns.

Unica recently posted a fishcondo by Teddy Luong, with modern ABS shell. And, they’re easy to stack if you want a school.

Fish condo by Teddy Luong.

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Anatomic appointments…

Roller Derby (and the occasional yoga before that) has been quietly transforming my wee little vessel. Hot and healthy bodies are all the rage. Recently Gadora stumbled across a few images of figure-shaped furniture and home accessories. Long ago, I’d entertained thoughts of constructing a jewelry box in the shape of a torso. Nipples for drawer-pulls. A shiny jeweled-navel. It never happened. Other bonafide designers have created furniture using beautiful bodies as inspiration.

Peter Rolfe’s “Gen III” birch plywood figure doubles as a jewelry chest. He’s channeled my subconscious—really—and with decidedly more genius. His “current work is heavily influenced by nature, using shapes that we all recognize but would not be traditionally thought of as furniture forms.” Look.

Peter Rolfe's "Gen III"
Peter Rolfe's "Gen III" close-up

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