First Animal Print of 2013: Peepers

A friend-of-a-friend recently found Gadora while looking for someone to paint a portrait of a pup. The watercolor was for her Sister-in-law and would eventually be a gift for Peepers’ human Mom. Awww, Peepers! Oh how I miss my own Peepers. It will be 3 years this April, and while I still miss her, time has healed some of the sorrow. Peepers’s portrait would be a sweet Valentine’s Day surprise.

Peepers DONE
The Peeps ready for a picnic.

The pics Gadora originally received were from the client’s Instagram < check out Gadora’s set of pics – and thus a teensy bit small, but very telling. Peepers was a sweet, sweet pup.

3Peepers Instagram3
Sweet Peeps. 

I noodled around with the portrait, and was finally ready to send. Peepers was the first watercolor portrait I’d actually send with a name scribed on the paper. I scribbled a little heart right by her name.

2Peepers Instagram2

After sending Gadora let a few days pass, then checked on her recipient. “Just got it when I got home from work today — it’s beautiful! Thank you!! Can’t wait to show it to my mom tomorrow!  :)”

1Peepers Instagram
Picnic Peeps.

The following day, this arrived. “My mom loves it!!!!! It really looks just like peeps.  :)” And if you’re counting, that’s two smiley faces in her reply! Thanks Lady, glad the family loves their Peepers. xo

Minky Boodle.

My Lady friends asked Gadora a few months back to create an Animal Print for their friend, Amy. Her 13-year old cat “Minky Boodle” had recently passed. While the inspiration photos were less than ideal (keep reading), they sought an impressionistic interpretation of Miss Minks. Here you see her framed:

Minky Boodle ~ framed.

Along with this photo, my friend Candance sent, “Just thought I’d share with you a pic of the framed Minky Boodle. I wasn’t planning to go with a gold frame, but when the lady at the shop showed me, it was obvious that was the way to go. It made the background of the portrait really pop – brought out all the yellows and golds.  I almost wanted to keep Miss Minky for myself.  :)” Gadora LOVES the way she turned out, too. Here’s Minky, pre-frame:

Minky ~ done.

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PAWS Party on the Patio

Gadora recently donated an Animal Print to a friend at work. It was displayed at the Tiniest Bar in Texas in conjunction with the Great Dane benefit PAWS of Austin (also known as the Central Texas Great Dane Rescue), with hopes of garnering bid buzz. Party on the Patio offered Margaritas, with proceeds benefiting the non-profit organization, performances by Alon Bernstein of More Cowbell and X, and plenty of over-sized pooches who no doubt appreciated our efforts.

Benefit portrait…

The benefit drew many devoted dog lovers and their horse-sized side-kicks, and plenty of gawks from passersby as we inched our way through the tiniest patio.

Squeezed in.

The guy on the right had the biggest head Gadora has ever seen. Ever.

One. Big. Dude.

And this one declined his photo opp. An aside: this is my favorite color palette a dog can possess. Reminds me of the over-sized Bull Mastiff I dearly miss. Man, I love dog paws.

No photos please.

PAWS’ mission is to prevent cruelty to animals by promoting humane standards through education and example. They also stress the importance of spaying and neutering. PAWS took in 88 dogs in 2010, 68 were Great Danes. With their Party on the Patio, they raised more than $2,000 (and Gadora’s print fetched $80 from the highest bidder… making it the highest bidded on item at the auction!!)

Naptime for Pooch.

Thanks friends for accompanying me to the event. Thank you big bid winner — whose pet I’m eager to paint. And thank you PAWS for doing your thing. We had a great time amongst your gentile giants.

Gogo, Felice and Gadora at Party on the Patio.

• • •

According to the ASPCA, while it’s impossible to measure, it is estimated there may be 70 million stray cats living in the US alone. And here’s a sobering fact: FIVE out of TEN dogs in shelters and SEVEN out of TEN cats are destroyed simply because there is no one to adopt them.

ASPCA ~ The first humane organization in the Western Hemisphere
PAWS of Austin ~ Protection of Animal Welfare Services, Great Dane Rescue

The Austin Area Great Dane Meetup Group ~ with extra pictures of the evening’s beneficiaries

Cody and Hazel for the birthday boy…

November and December were busy months for me as the Animal Print orders steadily trickled in. A long-time Gadora reader, Ann, sent a request for her husband’s 60th birthday. Would I paint their two Chocolate Labs? It came with an inquiry about my own dearly departed (and once doted on) kitties. How was I doing since they were gone? I rather adore this woman. She’s quick to comment and share her design (and personal thoughts) and as such I feel sure we are kindred spirits.

Meet her Hazel.

Hazel sitting pretty.

And his Cody.

Cody by the pool...

I’m typically quite reluctant to post any Animal Prints on Gadora before they are received. Online posts are deceptive as the watercolors are infinitely more interesting (and detailed) in person (…and I hate to ruin any surprise). But Ann’s portraits went to Colorado while she flew off to Florida to tend to her family.

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Puppy got framed…

Weeks ago Gadora wrote about a puppy named Puppy. The GF who ordered the Animal Print emailed Puppy’s framed pic long ago. I’m just now getting around to posting (sorry)! Received the photo with another no-nonsense one-liner, “brooke and dan loved their puppy. here’s how i framed it.”

Puppy got Framed.

I love it. Thanks Al.
For the rest of you,  click right here…. to see Puppy’s original post.