Chihuahua ~ ROLO

True I’ve always been a BIG dog girl, but when Gadora first opened an email with the many (many!) photos of ROLO the Chihuahua living in Colorado Springs… I completely, totally and utterly fell head over heels for him.



Rolo’s story? As expressed by Dean, his adoptive (and notably proud) Daddy, “My oldest son got himself this baby dog two years ago as a graduation present. I told him it was crazy and I didn’t want anything to do with it. First time I held little Rolo he tinkled on my silk shirt and it was immediate love.”

Rolo's nose.
Rolo’s nose.

• • •

I imagine his parents carry around a cell-phone full of Rolo’s photos. Or him, in a bag. Dean and I worked together on picking the perfect photo to craft as a birthday gift portrait for his wife. Gadora secretly couldn’t wait for the next round of photos to roll in.

Seated Rolo
Seated Rolo

Seated Rolo came in a really close second. I imagine lil Rolo has quite the personality. Dean concurred, “I swear he is a little human! Understands every last word you say. Most Chihuahua’s are barkers and none to pleasant. He is a definite find—of course they say it’s the parents and his upbringing too (quick pat on the back).”

• • •

Below: Rolo when he was little. Little-err.

Baby Rolo
Baby Rolo

Yes, I’ve offered to pet sit. Anytime. Where I, too, would…”hug him and pet him and squeeze him and love him and call him,” Rolo, “and pat him and pet him… and rub him and caress him…”

One thought on “Chihuahua ~ ROLO

  1. Gadora,

    Imagine my surprise to receive such an amazing gift for my birthday! Thank you SO much for the beautiful portrait of my baby boy Rolo. He is a teeny bundle of joy in my life each and every day and you caught him exactly as I see him….perfect.

    I’m thrilled to see he touched your life as well.

    Many blessings and continued success!!!

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