My Harley is really sick.

The loss of one pet—who has been around for 15 years—is difficult enough. But my 17-year-old Harley is ailing too. In the past week, while I’ve been dealing with excruciatingly tough decisions and then the loss of Peepers, I’ve taken Harley to the Vet THREE times. Each time he lets me pick his frail body … Continue reading My Harley is really sick.

Mid-Century Modern in Tulsa.

Recently Gadora traveled to Tulsa to see about her Mom. I like Tulsa (and love my Mama!). T-town is quiet, though Frank Lloyd Wright left an indelible mark with his “Westhope” home. Moments after touch down my Mama beamed, “we’ve got something to show you,” and whisked Gadora off to Mod50s Modern, a busy warehouse … Continue reading Mid-Century Modern in Tulsa.

Animal Prints.

• • • Click to see Gadora’s ANIMAL PRINT blog. Order a 5×7 original watercolor pet portrait for $90, or an 8×10 for $165. (plus shipping and applicable taxes), email: • • • At the end of 2008 Gadora found more free time than usual. That summer I’d moved back to Dallas from a … Continue reading Animal Prints.