Recycled Reads…

Last week my company—in a global endeavor to b:generous—offered a multitude of community activities for we BVers to participate in. Our belief is as a growing, successful company, and as individuals, we have a responsibility to give back to our local communities. I spent a portion of Monday making crafty non-sew cat beds, Tuesday in a 1-hour yoga session to benefit Room to Read, Thursday afternoon painting Armstrong Community Music School and Friday morning sorting books at Recycled Reads.

Found objects…

Mindy met our group at the door and invited us to make ourselves at home. The 5,000 sq. foot retail Recycled Reads is “run primarily by volunteers with materials withdrawn from the Library’s collection and the community’s donations.” And an impressive part of their mission, the store “is an active participant in the City’s Zero Waste Plan by ensuring obsolete materials are handled in an environmentally responsible way by keeping these materials out of landfills.” I got lost for a moment in this wall of found relics.

Geometric folded book…

The store is set-up more as a retail space rather than a library. While we waited for the rest of our group to arrive, I took a few minutes to familiarize myself with the space. What stood out, besides their robust collection of books, was their collection of books as art.

Paper wreath…

The collection of paper art was inspiring.

Triangular Folds…

Gadora flipped through the pages making mental notes on the folds needed for certain outcomes.

Hardback garden…

How clever this little garden was. A few books stacked together, with the center removed. A plastic liner makes sure water stays with the roots.

Maps as art…

Gadora has a thing for maps… and this Atlas manipulation was fun to stumble upon. It sat atop the Youth Fiction, and while most might instead get enthralled with J.K. Rowlings, Gadora wondered where her maps are stored… I sense another project coming on.

Walled off…

I love the way this book sat against the wall. Impromptu and random art. It’s simply smart.

Horizontal display…

Our team spent 4 hours sorting books into categories, breaking down the boxes they were delivered in, removing date stamp sheets from the books’ former library days, putting the books out on the floor and reorganizing each as the shelves as we worked through them. We all had a really great time, and discovered a great new resource for very, VERY inexpensive books, periodicals, albums and old movies.

Thank you Recycled Reads! We’ll be back!



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