Wireless iPhone amplifiers…

Recently spent a lovely afternoon with a couple of ladies at a “secret” watering hole outside of Austin. Picnic supplies. Yep. Sunscreen. Check. Tunes? Absolutely. She brought a snappy rubber amplifier that she’d procured at a SxSW gifting suite. And it was sweet! We waxed nostalgic with classic Alabama, Lee Roy Parnell and Hank Williams Jr and sang all the way into the sunset. I was amazed at the power it held in it’s little plastic shell. Gadora set out to get one for myself. And it was super cheap!

India Arie on the megaphone…

Now that I have it, and love it, I’m kind of thinking I might like one that’s a little more showy. Woodn’t this one be nice? From Etsy seller ScribeSF, $62, this unplugged docking station is made with sustainably farmed American Walnut and Ash hardwoods, and finished with hand-rubbed Tung Oil. It’s beautiful!

the BOOST      unplugged     wood iPhone or iPod amplifier
The BOOST unplugged amplifier from Etsy

Want to see a video of how cool it is? I can’t attest to their taste is music.

For significantly more dollars ($462) you can bring this lovely gramophone horn home, from ReAcoustic. It requires no batteries or cords. Is completely acoustic! “Simply place your iPhone in the slot and enjoy tunes of yesterday or today with an amazing vintage sound.”

14 inch Atwater Kent  iPhone Speaker Dock Utilizing a Vintage Antique Gramophone Phonograph Horn -MADE to ORDER-
14 inch Atwater Kent iPhone speaker

And the Magnavox docking station… Love it!

If wood isn’t your thing… BeyondJordanStudio, $49 has a porcelain shell version that ***. This shell also has a slot that you can connect to your charging cords.

Shell Tunes Nautilus Shell Natural Acoustic Amplifier (for iPhone4 and 4s)
Porcelain shell amplifier from Jan and Jan

For a slightly more flashy amplifier, check out this handmade ceramic Megaphone from Madrid-based en&is, 399,00 €. Check out their pics of how it is crafted. It requires slightly more shelf-space, but you’ll love the way it sounds. I’m just sure of it (see video below!).

Handmade ceramic megaphone from es&is.

While what I have certainly works, Gadora is on the hunt for something a little more showy. I’m saving my pennies for it, too. 🙂

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