Minky Boodle.

My Lady friends asked Gadora a few months back to create an Animal Print for their friend, Amy. Her 13-year old cat “Minky Boodle” had recently passed. While the inspiration photos were less than ideal (keep reading), they sought an impressionistic interpretation of Miss Minks. Here you see her framed:

Minky Boodle ~ framed.

Along with this photo, my friend Candance sent, “Just thought I’d share with you a pic of the framed Minky Boodle. I wasn’t planning to go with a gold frame, but when the lady at the shop showed me, it was obvious that was the way to go. It made the background of the portrait really pop – brought out all the yellows and golds.  I almost wanted to keep Miss Minky for myself.  :)” Gadora LOVES the way she turned out, too. Here’s Minky, pre-frame:

Minky ~ done.

Scanned from old prints, Minky’s photos were particularly grainy and kind of smallish – making it hard to deduce details for Minky’s face. We all agreed upon this inspiration photo, with her sassy over-the-shoulder smirk, but needed to address the rug. Grass? Something yellow? Gadora used another rug all together.

Lil Flirt.

Here’s the Minks as a kitten, wide-eyed under the Christmas tree.

Oh Christmas Tree…

And here she is as a feisty kitten.

Kitten Little.

Gadora hasn’t heard a peep from Miss Amy about her kitty’s portrait. But me thinks she’s pleased. It was a pleasure creating a wee little something for her to remember Minky Boodle by.

3 thoughts on “Minky Boodle.

  1. We really, really cherish our portrait of Minky. It means the world to us, and I am very sorry that I haven’t contacted you to say thank you. It is absolutely beautiful and now my most cherished possession.

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