Love letters…

A long-time devotee of doodling, the kiddo Gadora spent many an hour practicing cursive, trying to emulate my Dad’s near-perfect Architectural lettering and scribbling my name in notebooks. I hadn’t a clue one could actually make a living manipulating letters. As a professional, I eventually made a living with my own letters – not as a graphic artist, but as a writer. And in the magazine biz, I happily brushed shoulders with folks romantically fanatic about their favorite fonts. They did pretty things with letters I never could.

With Valentine’s Day in the rear-view mirror, and my Sugar 1,127 miles away, I write an ode to letters – inspired by the much appreciated love letters Gadora recently received in the mail. Letter writing is not a lost art. Nor is decorating with them…

During one of our Skype dates, The Valentine forwarded this DIY project idea. Oooh, I like the way you’re thinking… It’s dreamy and touches on so much of what Gadora digs: reusing and repurposing stuff otherwise ready for a landfill. Dana of house*tweaking gives us a how-to turn an old fence into a fancy new headboard.

The Love Bed by house*tweaking

And here, how it looks all dolled up.

Love bed in the room...

Gadora never embraced the latest letter decal craze. Sure, I loves me some stickers, but they’re reserved for my bumper or metal tool box, but definitely not my wall. That said, this font wall, from Italian company Wall & Deco, is actually a fancy wallpaper. Wallpaper is making a comeback. Thanks Tidystuff for posting.

Letterpress wall.

If a full wall is too big a task to tackle, Etsy seller JoshuabyOak offers a small pair of hand-stamped bookends that can fancy up any set of books.

Handstamped XOXO bookends

This next creation might be Gadora’s favorite. Combining my love of letters AND the use of maps (in this case, “rescued” Irish maps), Home Design Ideas touts Etsy store littlewhitedog’s handmade, card stock letters.

Home Design Ideas...

Design*Sponge posted the letter G. Its parts – the sum of a trip to the hardware store. A DIY from Curbly Make It! Hardware Store Decor, it’s grand and rather great. Curbly offers a “letter light” tutorial in pdf form, for easy following.


Apartment Therapy deems decorating with letters and words “textorating.” Their readers quick to say texting is cliché, but they still tickle my fancy. These letters form a sort of random thought cloud above a lovely working station.


This rustic wood symbol from Etsy seller SlippinSouthern is where it’s @. According to Slippin, “Raymond Tomlinson, an American programmer, used it in 1971 as the natural division within the first e-mail message ever sent.”

SlippingSouthern @

This letter perfect “headboard” was originally featured on Better Homes and Gardens – as a tangible DIY. The 3-dimensional letters sit away from the wall and many a blogger picked it up.

Letter Perfect...

•  •  •

design*sponge ~ best of: fonts in homes.

The Haystack Needle ~ fun stuff with letters…

I Love Typography ~ ‘nuf said

littlewhitedog ~ Suzie hand makes any number of letters from her Dublin studio.

Tidy Stuff ~ entire walls designed with fonts.


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