Apple Green ladderback chairs…

MONTHS ago Gadora and Sandra set about Austin with a few bucks and a mission: hit up some garage sales and blow our wad. We had a ball, and late in our day we hit the mother load. A lovely lady was selling the farm and we scored a funky rug for $5 and four ladderback chairs for $2.50 a piece. That’s practically free, we thought.

4 ladderback chairs…

They sat in the garage all of the fall and most of the winter. Staring at me, sometimes I stared back. Once in a while I’d give them a close inspection. No markings, they appeared to be handmade. A little wonky, the front legs were longer than the back. But they’d make someone a nice set, and surely we’d recover our $10 investment.


The seats were tightly woven jute, soft and pliable, and in really great shape.

Jute seat.

Sandra’s Mom scored a fine deal on a ’30s bedroom set, but Sandra wasn’t initially sure about the matchy-matchy. She enlisted the discerning eye of Gadora. I happily played amongst her things, moving out the side table, pulling an empty gilded frame from one room and into the master, pairing it with a black and turquoise print of Audrey Hepburn and a funky ceramic lamp to create a funky vignette atop her dresser. Yes, we’d make it work.

It wasn’t until we repositioned an original piece from artist Baseera Khan into the foyer, and turned to look at her dining room, that the chairs’ purpose made themselves clear. Just that morning, Sandra decided on the color green. She wanted green chairs. AND, we had the chairs!!!

Chairs ~ DONE.

The following afternoon Sandra came over – armed with a few cans of apple green Krylon paint, and ventilation masks – we set out to breath new life into our garage sale find.

Ladderback chair.

Allowed a week to completely dry, Gadora delivered them yesterday. They are marvelous. We clapped at our handy work. For under $30 dollars we transformed a set of chairs into a funky French country creation. Now they speak less of the farm, and more for the fun.  Can’t wait for her first dinner party…

• • •

A lil bonus: Gadora snugged up to a Snowman at Austin’s delicious Roaring Fork – every bit of him scraped up from every surface nearby. With the teensy bit of snow Austin received this winter, someone worked pretty hard to make him happen. Today winter threatens to wind itself down. And… Spring promises to ignite my creative juices, stay tuned.

Steph and an Austin Snowman.


3 thoughts on “Apple Green ladderback chairs…

    1. It’s true, without a great sealant, the spray paint would flake a bit. Since the home-owner’s chairs were not new, and her taste eclectic, she was perfectly fine allowing the chairs to age as they would.

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