How-to fancy up a journal…

Gadora has happily been off-line lately. Out of the country, actually. Just returned from Istanbul, not Constantinople*, where I spent a splendid week with the family.

Beforehand I’d hurried through the packing, sure to include only the most essential wardrobe elements: slouchy Frye boots, sensible-but-saucy walking shoes,  2 leggings, lots of lightweight sweaters and tops for layering and a Harajuku Lovers cross-shoulder bag. I was certain to buy a mess of stuff at the famous Grand Bazaar. On the quickie layover in Chicago, where I caught up with a dear friend, I remembered I’d neglected to pack a journal. I wouldn’t survive the 10 1/2 hour journey across the Atlantic with Sudoku alone! After perusing a few shoppes in bustling Geneva, Gadora decided to make her own.

Notebook ~ Before

It would boast no lines. I’d be doodling in it, after all. We found it at the local Walgreens, but it was lacking any style. My friend had a recent style-guide with a suitable cover, and allowed me to commandeer it for the project. Tape, I’ll need tape. And scissors. Easy enough, though she’d just moved into her new digs.

The Supplies...

Once the cover of the style-guide was ripped from its hinges, I played with its placement on the notebook’s cover. Gadora creased it along the edges so it’d make an easy tape. I gathered up a few extra sheets of the notebook, to create a thicker cover.

Cut cover and placement

Making sure the backside was covered too, I was ready for taping. The covers’ new sleeve was ready for securing in place.

Notebook's underbelly...

Clear packing tape was used to secure the newsprint cover on my new journal. I re-purposed the date of the newsprint over the dapper dude’s face. Long strips of tape were applied—row by row—and wrapped around the back until the whole cover was, well, covered.

Taping is tedious.

Voila! Notebook done. And ready for some doodlin’ action.

Completed journal...

• • •

While I wrote a fair amount of my travels, I also managed a few sketches from the trip. We neglected to request a vegetarian meal, and so I had to work through the stuff on my plate(s). I dug the smallish portions, and how all the plastic pieces fit together. Might have made the perfect picnic supplies, had I taken the parts home.

Food (?)

And, our lunchtime view towards the Galata Bridge. That was a crazy, crowded day. We slithered through the side streets of the Spice Market as it had apparently just closed…letting out what felt like a million fresh bodies onto the adjoining streets. We eventually found a stellar roof-top perch at Hamdi to overlook the Bosphorus.

View of the Galata Bridge

*A video bonus, They Might Be Giants ~ Istanbul, Not Constantinople. Gadora has always been fond of this little ditty…

3 thoughts on “How-to fancy up a journal…

  1. You crack me up! So what did you buy? The NYTimes had a huge article about Istanbul last year, how it is the unsung fashion capital of the world. Did you find any good Turkish journals? Ann

    1. Hi Ann! It was a grand time! I came home with a few amazing scarves — one cashmere and silk blend — which are so warm and snuggly this very night. And some delicious spices that have already been turned into something else. Good times!

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