A Puppy named Puppy.

Received a succinct one-liner request, “Hiring you to do Brooke and Dan’s wedding present.” The couple? A dashing duo: everyone who knew them from the beginning knew they were sooooo going to get married. The request: from THE friend who started Gadora on this whole Animal Print adventure on DailyCandy. The pressure to get this right was high.

Puppy ~ Done.

She sent the usual slew of snappy pics of Puppy and after perusing the pack, we settled on a soft bone portrait.

Sleepy Puppy

Gadora most relishes the stories that come out of the portraits: playful pooches with quirks and the parent’s who love them most. Though not without issues, Puppy’s famous. Dan’s blogged about him.

His Highness Puppyton on a Rock

Dan has also said of Pup, “He’s the kind of dog that will stand by your side through thick and thin, unless he gets distracted by something jingly or some food or a fanciful whim. If he were a human he would have a dirty British accent, but know impressionist art. He would recite bawdy poetry when he was drunk. He’s the kind of dog that looks at you when he pees, half filled with pride, half filled with uncertainty that he’s doing it right. He has no interest in sex: He’ll neither kiss your face nor hump your leg. He hates bathes but loves long walks. He is the kind of dog that could wield a gun with deadly accuracy yet loathe the gun for its place in the world…”

Puppy with bone.

Gadora sent his portrait off—it’s first going to Dallas then will be hand-delivered at the wedding—half hoping I got it right*, partly possessing the certainty that I did. Al received her Puppy package, and sent a swift, “I got the puppy and it’s marvelous. I love it. It makes me cry it’s so perfect. Thank you friend.” Whew… now let’s wait to hear from the bride and groom.

• • •

If you wait ’til the end of this make-it-yourself scarf video, you’ll see a wee cameo of The Pup.  He looks displeased about his new scarf, and cuses Gadora to disagree with his Doggie Dad who says, “He is the kind of dog that shits happiness everywhere he goes.”

*The portraits I did for Allison’s 2 pooches (and the portraits that landed me that mention on DailyCandy) were very painterly, and the latter portraits have become much more literal. Though no less awesome.


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