Sundance ~ A Good Dog.

Shortly after the Young House Love post, Gadora received a request, “I just became familiar with your work from reading Young House Love, and I think a watercolor for my mom of her dearly departed yellow lab Sundance would be the best gift for her ever, EVER.”

A good dog.

Her pictures were film, so Cristina sent a hand-written letter. “Here are the pictures of Sundance “Sunny.” He passed away last fall and my Mom loved him like a child. He was a terrible, awful, devilish puppy, but with some serious dog psychology from yours truly, he became a really great dog and companion for my folks. =)”

"The other photo gives you a sense of his sweetness."

Her note kind of made me adore him. I once loved a cantankerous cat. A terrible, awful, devilish cat who hardly met a friend. With a lot of love and utter patience, broken-spirited creatures can make for the best companions.

She asked me to do something with the background. Flowers. Her Mom loves wildflowers. And young Sunny, with his tongue out, loved them too.

Sunny at Home.

Cristina, a fellow Austinite, met me for the hand-off.  I waited somewhat patiently until I heard the word, “My Mom LOVED it. She had no words at first, and then she cried, and then she admired. She really loved it and almost as soon as she landed back home in CA she ran to have it framed. I think she will choose a slightly bigger mat, though, so you can read the “A Good Dog” part. (Which she REALLY loved, by the way.) My dad, a VERY laconic and quiet sort of guy, even got a little misty, since Sunny was his close companion for years, also.”

Sundance ~ Close-up.

“Thank you so much for taking the time and care (and patience) to capture Sunny for my mom. He really was a “good dog” and we do miss him. Having his spirit represented so well in art will keep him near and dear for years to come.”

2 thoughts on “Sundance ~ A Good Dog.

  1. Wow! This post is almost as great as the watercolor itself! My mom will enjoy seeing this, too. Haven’t heard what the final framing decision was yet, but I will keep you posted. Thanks again … that was a very satisfying gift-giving experience!

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