Linus has a thing for cat naps…

An ode to Linus… from her family.

Sleeping Kitty

The Story of the Cat who Liked to Travel

Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Linus Kitten P. who was born in the country of Greece.  The humans who owned her mother did not want this kitten, so as soon as her mother left Linus’ side, Linus was taken outside and left all alone.  A short while later, two kind and wearied travelers saved Linus and took her on a boat trip and an airplane ride across an ocean. She was sent to live in Canada in a real home with children, where Linus was ever so loved and cared for.  She had found her very own family!

This family liked to travel and before she knew it, Linus was whisked off in another airplane and sent to live in the United States. There, Linus had a nice life. The children in the family played with her.  There was always a warm lap to sleep on. Linus and her family lived there for a very happy six years.

The family decided to move again, back to Canada.  In her new home, Linus had more room to roam inside than she ever had before and she could go outside and lie in the grass to watch the birds. During the cold winter, Linus slept the days away in the coziest places in the house.
Life was good.

But, just when Linus got used to her new home in Canada, the family moved again, to another country called England. And this time, Linus would not be able to go with them for a little while.  She was lonely while she stayed in Canada.  Eventually, Linus boarded another airplane and flew across the ocean, where she and her family had a very happy reunion.

Linus is happy to travel with her family but really, a warm quiet place to sleep with lots of love and attention is all she needs. And as she looks out the window, she wonders, which country will she visit next?

Karen’s daughter, for whom the Animal Print was created, “has a thing for sleeping kitties.” The real story, “Linus was found on the side of the road, just dumped with her two sisters just after their eyes had opened. This was on the island of Paros in Greece. My sister and husband who were traveling on a Vespa, found them and brought the three kitties back to Canada (after traveling for 10 days with them on the back of the Vespa and a brief detour through Italy!).”

Playing games with Linus

“Their original vet thought Linus was a male…but when we took them for their first shots in Canada, the vet told us we had three females (I suspected, but really, I wasn’t keeping any…) and then we decided to keep one. Unfortunately by then, she already knew her name so Linus she stayed!  She is mostly “Liney” anyway so it’s not so bad!”

Kitty in the Window

“This all took place right before we were set to move to San Diego, California and so Linus moved with us. We moved again 6 years later to Ottawa, Ontario, then a year later, back to Edmonton, Alberta and then to the United Kingdom where we’ve been living for the last 5 years. We are soon to move back to Edmonton (in a little over a week!) and Linus is coming with us.  Linus is now 12.”

Linus sleeping...

“She means the world to my kids as she has been the one constant in their crazy life.”

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