2nd Floor lounge… coming together…

For the last couple of weeks, Gadora has been point person for the office’s 2nd floor lounge. The original vision: transform an otherwise pedestrian 19′ x 22′ office room with a well-appointed kitchenette into a vintage, yet modern, industrial space filled with plenty of seating, a phat TV and a bar. The room would be at once fun and FUNctional, durable and inviting. The original design team, to whom I’m grateful for passing their torch, presented a few spaces worthy of emulation: the Mohawk Lounge’s green room.

Green Room at Mohawk Lounge

And another (anonymous) spot: rich with woods and color, filled with interesting shapes and vintage, unique pieces.

Modern Victorian

Since having received said torch, Gadora has been on the hunt for fierce furnishings to fill the space. Not. A. Bit. Of. Pressure. The folks at the office are a determined and creative bunch. The new physical space would reflect our penchant for cutting-edge innovation in cyberspace. The concrete flooring had just been done—a stained concrete floor that’d make any UT fan proud. But the rest was bare…

The blank canvas:

2nd Floor Lounge - TV wall and flooring...

The kitchenette with sea-colored glass tile.

The kitchenette with stainless accents...

With weeks of tireless and intoxicating preparation, the pieces have finally begun to arrive: a chocolatey mid-modern-inspired leather sectional with tufted seats, a hand-crafted coffee table on casters and a bar-height metal console fashioned from vintage cars (both from Dallas’ master craftsman Joel Hester of The Weld House), light-weight aluminum bar stools, and a cherry wood AV console.

Still to deliver: a 100-year-old Douglas Fur wall shelf, a striated sea-foam hemp rug, two solid wooden stools fashioned from beams out of a razed 100-year-old West Coast warehouse, a George Kovacs arch lamp, and accessories to pull the room together. The lounge will see a fresh coat of paint, too. You’re by now familiar with Gadora’s adoration of chalkboard paint, so this room will receive a solid wall of “Oil Spill” teal from Hudson Paint, providing an area for collaborative art.

Stay tuned. We’ll “move that bus” soon enough!

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