Vote: Scrape Myrtle’s new logo.

Perhaps more fascinating than the bewildered and excited expressions of family and peers, when they discover I’m a derby girl, albeit a TXRG Rec-n-Roller Derby girl, is the wealth of talent and professionalism that comes from the pool of women I regularly go round-and-round with. Take Sinnerfold for instance…by day a devoted Mother and Wife and co-creator of her own design company Blase Design; by night a vicious and speedy derby contender.

She’s slaved over a few designs for Scrape Myrtle—my own snappy alter-ego that allows me to skate like the wind. I know my favorite design, but I defer to you(s). The challenge: channel the Texas state bush that I draw my name from, but make it easy to see (= simple) and even make it a lil fierce.

Vote (a).

Exhibit (a): A Texas star incorporated into Crape Myrtle flower.

Vote (a).

Vote (b).

Exhibit (b): Similar font, horizontal lay-out. Flower a little less frilly.

Vote (c).

Exhibit (c): Flower with a single drop of blood (are you scared yet?), and a Texas star embedded in the “a.”

Vote (d).

Exhibit (d): Same flower, same drop of blood, and cut-outs in the letters.

My new logo will stick proudly atop my appropriately named “Brain Saver” helmet, which is a dusty blue (not pictured). I’ve chosen a visible canary yellow, after-all, I’m still quite girlie. Which logo do you think works best? (And thanks for your input!)

6 thoughts on “Vote: Scrape Myrtle’s new logo.

  1. Hey..How are you doing missy? I love this. I really like A and D, but had to go with A. I like the whole flower thing in A better, but the drop of blood is a fun touch!
    take care!

  2. Wow, these are great. I dig the flower D (with blood) and the type from B. But if I could only choose one it would be D. Good stuff Scrape.

  3. You are a riot! How about some video of you going round and round? What does your outfit look like? Still need to get good dog pictures to you before the Christmas rush. Ann

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