Mighty fine agave watercolor.

Waaaaay back in June, Gadora posted a lil something about my love of the Century Plant. I’d recently accompanied a certain highfalutin Roller Gal to a gallery opening at Gallery Shoal Creek that a client of hers was a part of, and fell in love with the work of Alexey Krasnovsky.

Maguey (diptych) by Alexey Krasnovsky

In person his “Maguey” oils were so vibrant. So alive and layered. I wanted to put a little Gadora spin on an agave watercolor of my own. I teased you with a mention about a recent watercolor completion and a big reveal. Well here it is… (click on image to enlarge it).

Gadora's Agave Watercolor

In person, mine is vibrant and layered too. And I’m rather pleased with how it turned out. On a recent trip to Marfa, Gadora set her eyes on many a Century Plant in bloom. I even discovered a squatty black-tipped agave I’d not seen before. The unusual rain here, gave the West Texas desert an opportunity to be alive much later than typical. There’s a good chance Gadora has already sold this first agave watercolor, but I promise to do more.

10 thoughts on “Mighty fine agave watercolor.

  1. Your watercolors have come a long long way. I loved them from the very beginning but this shows off some crazy-good skills.

  2. Love this picture. We had 2 very large century plants out the dining room door. (bigger than Chad’s) We had to move them, so transfered them to the gate at the pond. I couldn’t let myself destroy them.

  3. Your watercolor of the Century Plant is absolutely beautiful!! You are so talented — so creative. I really love this picture. It looks so “real” and alive. What size is the original? I could imagine you could sell many reproductions of this if it was displayed somewhere – a gallery or such. (It also added a new word to my vocabulary: agave. Sent me to the dictionary to read more).

    1. Hi Miss Marian =)
      Thanks! I ❤ it too! The watercolor I finished was an 8×10. Funny on your new word! Suppose I know "agave" bc I know Tequila! =) It is my favorite plant. Happy Day.

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