Tibetan Terrier Scarlett.

A recent request from Horse-country, Texas: “I would really love for you to do a watercolor of my beloved Tibetan Terrier, Scarlett. How does the process work? How long does it take? I’m including a photo of Scarlett in the hopes that you will think she is as adorable as I do!  Please let me know.” *See Scarlett’s adorable pictures after the (more…). And to answer her questions (also for any would-be Animal Print inquiries): We agree upon a photo for Gadora to work from, I forward a secure PayPal request, and roughly 1-2 months. Here is Scarlett’s finished Animal Print.

Scarlett snugged up on the Sofa.

Leslie, Scarlett’s proud Mama, ordered an 8×10. The original photo was not without want. Scarlett’s mug was a little blurry I couldn’t really see her sure-to-be-telling eyes. Leslie sent more photos…

I mean really… have you EVER seen a cuter pooch? Let me answer that for you: No. No you haven’t.

Scarlett Puppy. 7 weeks.

While this one didn’t show Scarlett’s fuzzy face, this is one of her Mama’s favorite (thank you for sharing)!

Waiting for her Mama.

“More of the same. Photos of the cutesy and, more importantly, the sweetest dog in the world! I’m sure you hear this a hundred times a day. Leslie”

Scarlett in the Chair.

The photo Gadora worked into Scarlett’s Animal Print needed a little bit of nudging to be purr-fect for her portrait: color-enhanced, removed a few things from the background, and added an eye down in her fuzz, and a few other unmentionables…

Snug as a bug.

Upon receipt, Leslie emailed: “‘Scarlett’ arrived this morning. It is beyond fabulous. I just love it!” I’m so thrilled, she was A LOT of fun to paint. =)

3 thoughts on “Tibetan Terrier Scarlett.

  1. Scarlett is my granddog! I love her and love the portrait. You do fabulous work. My 95 lb. Shepherd-Rottweiler is enamored of her, too.

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