Daisy dog.

A noble request came via Nevada (and another from YoungHouseLove): “My husband’s beloved yellow Labrador retriever, Daisy, passed away in February. I  think he would be so touched to have a portrait of her.”

Daisy at the beach.

“Below are a few snapshots of Daisy. I know the backgrounds aren’t ideal, but I have seen you paint in some much prettier ones. The beach photo captures the sweetness of Daisy and how she endured endless assaults from our toddler son.”

Daisy getting some lovin'

“…I really like the third photo. Ideally I would like the third picture and background, or perhaps the second photo, but with the beach from (photo 1) or meadow (photo 3) background.” Below is one of Gadora’s faves, but too blurry to work with. Gadora tried.


“…these are all the electronic photos that I have on hand. If they don’t look like what you can use, I’ll see what I can find at home. (I’m trying to surprise my husband, so I am not sure what I can dig up around without him noticing.)”

Daisy at Pyramid Lake

This is the one Gadora chose. It was of Miss Daisy (driving) on vacation. Pulling together and painting the final Animal Print took me a little longer than anticipated, but thanks to a speedy delivery the Hubs had it in time for his Birthday.

Chilling at Pyramid Lake

• • •

Gadora on Daisy and was pleased her pet portrait arrived: “We did receive the portrait, and the flew out the next day, so I didn’t get a chance to tell you we loved it. It looks great, and my husband was very touched. Thank you so much!”

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