Making missions out of magnets…

Gadora cannot take any credit for the following handcrafted magnets. I discovered them a year ago while helping a dear friend move. I carefully coddled each one, and packed them away for her to uncover later. Later is now and she’s moved into her very first place… and is proudly displaying her “mission magnets” on the fridge once again.

Mission magnets

The magnet set is the brainchild of GW and Glenn (Goodfellow), Denton/Dallas peeps with a penchant for flair. The pair needled together a cardboard box, scissors, sheets of multi-color felt, some glue and magnet backs… and viola!… household chores become less taxing.

Here are a few of Gadora’s faves: Arguably, blow-drying one’s hair isn’t a household chore… but it can be a bear. I adore the whooshing lines the air makes towards the mirror.

Blowing Dry.

Meet “Sushi” ~ the cutest lil rat-Chihuahua creature Mother Earth ever created. And, Sushi needn’t want for a hair dryer, Sushi wears a shower cap. Kind of adorable. I picked Sushi’s picture over Shanaynay, the adorable chicken-lady who needs tending to. (See Shanaynay on first picture, third one down). 


And finally, the toilet had to be addressed. Now I’m a classy gal, but I’m totally unruffled by bathroom humor. The hazmat guy G-Wub and Glenn crafted… I stinkin’ Love! It’s how I feel about that dreaded bend over the loo, and the cleaning behind it. In it. Around it. Ewwwww. Gloves a must. Hazmat helmet, optional.

Hazmat humor.

One thought on “Making missions out of magnets…

  1. I love this post. And you would love the Winborn-Goodfellow clan. They’re as kind as they are clever. [The hairdryer magnet stands for drying the dishes.]

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