Sadness in Seattle: Pups Reilly and Gracie

On May 10th, this request came from Seattle: “A friend of mine just lost her 2-year-old dog that was the light of her life unexpectedly last night. I had planned on getting in touch with you for her birthday and commissioning a painting but now I would like to do it as soon as I can.” Meet the angel: Gracie.

Beloved Gracie.

And Gracie’s surviving companion: Reilly… looking so very saddened by the ordeal.

Sweet Reilly.

Both portraits made it to Seattle in time for Gracie’s Mama’s birthday (Gadora has happily been swamped working on the Animal Prints from the YHL mention).

Good things come to those who wait. I’d checked to confirm they arrived overnight, as promised. “Crazy, delivered to my home needing a signature but no one was there. I arranged to pick the package up this morning but there was no address for which post office the package was at. Ran around my area of Seattle this morning, finally got my hands on the package.”

Gracie on her bed.

“Incredible! My friend loves them, they are so right on, you captured the expression and personality perfectly!  As you know, these were very important to me, they are precisely what I wanted, they express the significance of the love and loss my friend has experienced.”


“Thank you so much for helping me present this exceptional gift. Thank you again, my appreciation is endless.” Thank YOU Bonnie, for letting me paint an Animal Print of those beloved pooches.

4 thoughts on “Sadness in Seattle: Pups Reilly and Gracie

  1. You do the best work, artistic but also very humanitarian. I need to get my two chocolate labs painted. I had planned for Father;s Day, but that didn’t happen, so later in the year. I’d also like to get my mom’s old dead dog painted. She saved all his old tags in her jewelry drawer, so the tags could be included in the frame. I need to hurry on that one before she forgets who is was. Hope you are enjoying your new job. Ann

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