Dear Dodger the Bassett Hound…

The following request came in from New York City. “I found your website online and would like to order a  watercolor of a beloved friend, Dodger.  He was my good friend’s dog and he passed away a few weeks ago when he broke loose and was hit by a car. When my friend told me he was going to get a coffee mug made with a picture of Dodger on it so he can think about him every morning when he drinks his coffee, I came up with the idea to get a portrait of Dodger for him so he can remember him all day.”

Dodger the Hound Dog...

Gadora, though sad under the circumstances, had The Best time painting up ole’ Dodger. I have a soft spot in my heart for Bassetts. There were my encounters with Caesar the hound who’s ears out-sized him and my GF’s cantankerous Uncle Lou.

Dodger in Park.

Though Dodger’s pic was small, the fall colors of the park provided a stunning backdrop for his Animal Print. Sure can’t wait til his portrait is delivered.

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