This morning Harley and Peepers‘ Vet reached out to see how I was doing… I was feeling pretty good. Though in my response to her I began to cry. Wow. I miss my kitties. I smiled about them and reminisced to her and simply couldn’t stop crying. It hits me at the strangest times. The people around me are so very patient to allow me to go on. And on. The grief this morning was noticeable an hour later at the office. They are still omnipresent in my life, even though I can’t snug up on them.


Sadly, a co-worker unexpectedly lost her Cat a week after “our” ordeal. I truly know her grief. There are admittedly a few crazy cat people in the office, and we are a proud lil group. She sent a link to meowmania. It’s silly. And simple. And gave me a giggle. Thank you Lady.

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