Five Dogs in Dallas. Done.

Gadora sent the last of the five 8×10 Animal Prints to Dallas. Meet Gizmo and Sally.

Surfin' Sally

Sally’s posthumous Animal Print was a slight challenge. Her pics were taken before digital cameras made snapping a breeze, and she was slightly blurry on her surf board. In person, Gadora painted slight grays and deep browns in her coat, along with her shiny black.

Gizmo and Humpy

The challenge with Gizmo was only to make Giz more prominent than his favorite toy.

Along with Sally’s scanned pics Marissa sent, “I love the ones of Sally on the surf board and with her ball, because swimming and playing fetch were her two favorite things.” She was a pretty girl.

Downward Doggie
"Sally Surfer"

After the first round of photos, Marissa’s Mom Sue offered, “I took some pics today of Gizmo with his “Humpy” toy, his one and only favorite (Marissa confides about The Hump, “I know a little gross but he loves that toy more than he loves my Mom I think sometimes”). Gizmo and his best friend.”

New York Baptism
Giz and The Hump

To see the rest of the Animal Prints in this 5-dog series, click here.

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