Second shoe portrait…

Texas-resident and shuzsociety member, Lindsay, contacted me immediately upon receiving her February email, “of an awesome ‘sultry shoe’ portrait…I would like one similar…this is such a fun idea!!” Gadora painted a shoe portrait for shuzsociety’s “Fab Friday” give-away. In Lins’ likeness, Gadora prettied up a pair of red-soled Louboutins. And they certainly give Lins a leg up on the shoe competition.

Lins' legs...

The original photo was a high enough resolution to see detail and already a nice composition. Gadora darkened up the background, and tweaked a few spots here and there. The changes are subtle. Thought it could be fun to try one of those “spot the difference” games with you. Can you spot the difference? (There are definitely 5).

Spot the difference...

When you’re sure you have them, click “more” to reveal the answers.

Delivered Lins’ portrait and it was well-received. Subject line read: Great Louboutins. “Thank you sooooo much I love it!!! It is so cool…I want to do some more but BIGGER!!!!  Thank you…Lins”

Legs ~ Before and After

Let’s do it! We’ll call this the first leg of the “great pin painting” tour.

One thought on “Second shoe portrait…

  1. Well I don’t know about the legs, but the shoes are Fab!!!! You do such great work Steph and I cant wait to do another one…Maybe my Choo’s or Manolos Next!!!! I have always thought of my shoes as art, now they really are!!! Thank you so much…Lins

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