Missing The Peepers…

It was a glorious weekend. Gadora sorted through a few inquiries for Animal Prints from Young House Love’s post, and has been busy finishing portraits in the queue. Things are feeling a little more normal. Oh, I still miss my babies, but I’m not crying every time they cross my mind. This morning while readying for work, Gadora popped in on the BFF who was stepping out of the shower. That used to be The Peepers favorite spot in the mornings. Mewing on the bath mat, ready to pounce inside the shower and lick it dry the moment the BFF exits. I asked her if she missed our Peeps, and choked as I delivered the words.

Smooches from The Peeps

The Peepers wasn’t much on snuggles. You couldn’t sneak attack her like Harley. Scooping her up and showering her with kisses was not her favorite thing. More often than not, she’d drift by and offer some herself. Found this photo on my phone. She was atop my bed, paws together, and let me stick my nose in her business. Then rewarded me for it.

I miss you Peeps.

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