Three of Five pooches in The Big D…

Gadora has been sitting on a few pet portraits for some very patient folks (and there is the one saucy set of legs still in the works)…what with the new PT job and losing my very precious kitties…I haven’t had the time, nor energy, to paint others pooches. But I have managed to eke out a few, recently three of five, and am pleased as punch with the way they’ve turned out. Meet Chocherman. “He’s a Pomeranian super personality boy,” lauds his Aunt Marissa and goes by Choche to those in-the-know.

Chocherman "Choche" ~ Pomeranian

You’ve previously met Freddy, he was situated belly-up in his favorite snuggly bed. And he’s still one cute pup.

Freddy ~ Beagle

And Sadie the Shih Tzu posing pretty for the camera.

Sadie ~ Shih Tzu

Choche’s family sent in his photo aptly named, “Chochecuteness.” And they completely pegged it. *That’s Gizmo’s buns in the background ~ “Gizmo gets in the way in all the pics…” ~ so I happily removed Giz in both Choche, Freddy and Sadie’s photos. You’ll e-meet Sadie soon.


Another photo of Freddy. Yes, another snap with a wiz of Giz in the background.

Freddy in Winter.

Sadie with a little bit of Giz in the back, too. Not only is Gizmo a photo-hog, he sure likes to get around.

Sadie in the Park.

* Stay tuned for pet portraits of Gizmo with his favorite toy “Humpy” and Sally the Cocker Spaniel. They are on their way!

4 thoughts on “Three of Five pooches in The Big D…

  1. They turned out sooo cute! I know ur going through a lot thank you for the time spent on them! We will hang them soon!

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