Loving another creature is fishy…

Some of the consultation Gadora’s colleagues have offered: I’m sorry about your cat, the best thing to do is get another one. The answer is unequivocally NO. I survived seventeen years of fuzzy love, hair on my clothes, and worries about weekends away and the rest of the responsibilities that came along with being a responsible pet owner.

But I have joked. I’ve had to. “There’s a strict no replacement policy. Maybe I’ll get a fish.” In reality I’m not angling to snare a fish. I eat them. I’m certainly not looking to love anything else right now. In Vegas Harley had a nest on the ottoman—just a pink wet nose  away from the fish tank. They were African Cichlids, and when we treated them to feeder fish, Harley thoroughly enjoyed his front-row seat. This one’s for you Pooh! Gadora has rounded-up a few clever fishy abodes.

A simple, repurposed round light-bulb tank for a lone little Beta fish by StarRedesigns on Etsy might make for a really happy fish.

Repurposed Light-buld by StarRedesigns.

Unica recently posted a fishcondo by Teddy Luong, with modern ABS shell. And, they’re easy to stack if you want a school.

Fish condo by Teddy Luong.

The Fluval Edge aquarium, at Sunny Fish Tank, is über sleek. It’s relatively tiny, at 6 gallons, and boasts an integrated pedestal that hides the electronic components. It’s fancy.

Fluval Edge tank at Sunny Fish Tank.

This “designer” modern bowl, biOrb Life 45 at Petsmart, packs a punch in a compact space. This time 12 gallons are encompassed by two thick acrylic faces with a seamless high-gloss colored acrylic wrap.

biOrb Life 45 at Petsmart.

Obviously larger, and not quite sure how to facilitate procuring one for your home, the Phone Booth tank may still have your number. It was transformed by artists Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino as part of the Lyon Light Festival in France, 2009.

Fish Phone booth by Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino

An oldie but a goody, the do-it-yourself tv-turned-tank by Michael Khor is tops. He even tells you how to do it.

Tv-turned-tank by Michael Khor

Gadora kept running across the pictures, thinking some wackadoo made a tank out of a… tank. Turns out, you can actually buy a bowl for yourself at Fish-n-Flush. I flashback to the time Mom “accidentally” flushed a Kuhli Loach, we had called him my sneaky snake, down the pisser, when she was cleaning MY tank. Lesson learned. I’ll clean my own (fish) bowl.

Simply: Fish n' Flush
Simply: Fish n' Flush

4 thoughts on “Loving another creature is fishy…

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  3. I survived a mere 3 weeks after I lost my Bosley….and now I have my Gilley Girl. It took a while to truly warm to her, but she now holds a very dear place in my heart….and she drove away the still silence that made me morose….

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