My Harley is really sick.

The loss of one pet—who has been around for 15 years—is difficult enough.

But my 17-year-old Harley is ailing too. In the past week, while I’ve been dealing with excruciatingly tough decisions and then the loss of Peepers, I’ve taken Harley to the Vet THREE times. Each time he lets me pick his frail body up and snug him in his carrier. This is so atypical. Years ago a Benbrook, TX Vet said, “Whew, that Harley is the cat from hell.” Waaah? My Boy? (Thursday I secretly smiled inside when Dr. Grimm at Great Oaks Animal Hospital said he indeed turned quite cranky once she drew fluid from his lungs.)

Harley in New York City

I’m trying really hard to make the right decision for My Boy. Really trying. Where Peepers was a lover, Harley is a FIGHTER. And I’ve asked my Vet to be very frank with me. If we have done what we can, and we know Harley will suffer… I am going to prepare myself for another difficult decision. He just needs to eat. And poo. And it will make it easier to manage his failing heart.

I hurt for him. But under my compassionate Vet’s guidance, who is not giving up on him, I cannot either.

5 thoughts on “My Harley is really sick.

  1. Turns out Harley didn’t have a failing heart. Tuesday’s Cardiologist said so. His ticker was fine, but cells pulled from the fluid in his lungs suggested cancer. Carcinoma—the BAD kind. He would not eat. And thus, was not getting better. Friday was a decidedly horrible day. But we did it, he and I. Alone. There was simply no fight left in him.

  2. I agree whole heartedly with the wisdom from Bad Influence. Remember, you know Harley best and he knows you love him. Take time to know your heart in making these very difficult decisions. Be strong and of good courage – you will be guided to the right decisions. Love, Mom

  3. Oh this is the hardest decision one has to make, and to have to make it twice in the last few weeks is even worse. Just remember the love he has given you, and give that back to him. Treat him as you would like to be treated. Sometimes these days we can be more humane with animals than we can with our own family. But I am the first to say that our pets are one of the most important aspects of family. I feel for you and hope that your decision comes without a heavy heart.

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