Vote on Scrape Myrtle’s…

With the monumental sadness of losing Peepers this week, and Harley running towards the last of his Nine Lives—please heal my snarly, cantankerous buddy—the wind is out of my sails. I am beat up. Ironically it is my semiweekly, sweat-inducing, quasi-dangerous encounters with the TX Roller Girls that always yield a smile, if not a few bruises too. It will be ok Steph. It. must. be. ok.

Our next and final Rec-n-Roller Derby (yes, that’s lil Scrape pictured in pink!) scrimmage for the spring 2010 season is upon us. I’ve missed two practices, one due to a long walk that left blisters on my tired feet and one due to losing My Precious Peeps… by Tuesday’s practice it may be time to get out of the house.

Our team has chosen a “Sailor” theme, and I’m strongly pushing “I’m on a Boat!” as our debut song. Imagine it, that tune rolling as we hot little sailor chicks salute the crowd while our skate names are announced… it’s H-O-T. Now, for my bout-fit. They run a tight ship, so it needs to be white, or mostly so. And remember, I HAVE to be able to get around the track in it, with no Janet Jackson wardrobe mishaps. So what shall it be? There’s a chance to VOTE at end of post (and I’m interested in seeing how this polling feature works, in case Gadora wants to whip it out later).

a. Vintage Sailor Tunic mini dress by Etsy seller: DeerHeartVintage. May prove a little big, but it’s darn saucy.

Vote (a).

b. Adorable Nautical Shirt by Etsy seller: LeoLucaEscobar. Sadly, it’s in Berlin. But, I have a ridiculously short skirt and bright red woven raffia belt that would totally make it pop!

Vote (b).

c. Super cool Nautical 70s Tank by Trader Bay from Etsy seller: LAVintageExchange. I have a flirty white cotton skirt, so I’m kind of leaning towards this one, but let me NOT persuade your voting. (And, I’ll totally sport my vintage red scarf!)

Vote (c).

d. Sailor Stormy Sky (costume comes with dress, collar AND hat!) at SCRAPE could always rock this, although it’s not really white. Or is it going overboard?

Vote (d).

Regardless, these are a given (though they may show too much of my pirate’s booty):

No Votes Necessary!

Give it to me straight, matey…

4 thoughts on “Vote on Scrape Myrtle’s…

  1. I pick #4. I know the blue dress is not white, but do you think the white sailor hat would cancel that out? And with the red striped givens………..But it being strapless, you could have a JJ moment. so maybe you need to go with #1.

  2. Scrape,
    You must do the sassy sailor dress. You are one of the few people I know who can pull it off. Plus you skate like a rocket!

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