Some things are better in pairs…

Some things flourish with a mate. A great lounger and its perfect ottoman. Donny and Marie. Roller Derby and protective gear. Home-furnishings sometimes warrant a coupling of similar items and prove some things are better in pairs. Two candelabras on a well-set table. Or, a pair of lamps flanking a well-made bed. Matchy-matchy is sometimes nice.

And while Gadora is refurbishing a twosome of 3-drawer bed tables, at an admittedly snail-like pace, I’ve been obsessed with homely combos and dig these Mid-Mod speckled-ceramic lamp bases (shade not included) from Etsy Seller: FabulousMess.

60s Mid-Mod Lamps

A pair of Vintage Mid Century Modern bookshelf speakers. “Each speaker measures 13 1/2″ tall and 10″ in diameter,” adds Etsy Seller Modnique, and “have been tested and work great.” Not at all sure how the “bookshelf” comes into play, but here you are.

Modnique's speaker tables...

Snugged close to one another, on either side of something they’re meant to complement, sconces are best in twos. Horchow’s “Fortune Tellers” are constructed with polished steel and come with a set of removable balls. (There’s a joke in there somewhere). They’re fancy, priced separately, and me likey.

"Fortune Teller" sconce at Horchow

Gadora fancies her ceramics. Not to mention her coffee. To sip daily joe out of a Him & Her* mug set is almost too good. Made of brown stoneware in Peru, in Jonathan Adler’s studio, each Mid-mod mug is of a modest-mugged, pursed lip Mid-mod couple. Hairs meticulously parted, of course. *Besides, they’re a slight nod to She & Him who visited A-town for SXSW recently.

Utopia mugs by Jonathan Adler

Over the weekend Gadora visited with a dear girlfriend, in the midst of redoing her petite palace, and relished a pair of Jonathan Adler bookends holding a few pretty books in place. Cute. Hardly a one-up, but certainly just as darling, is this pair of floppy-eared oil and vinegar wiener-dog cruets on VivaTerra.

Dachshund Cruets on VivaTerra

Just a couple of things Gadora digs. What makes your heart flutter?

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