Anatomic appointments…

Roller Derby (and the occasional yoga before that) has been quietly transforming my wee little vessel. Hot and healthy bodies are all the rage. Recently Gadora stumbled across a few images of figure-shaped furniture and home accessories. Long ago, I’d entertained thoughts of constructing a jewelry box in the shape of a torso. Nipples for drawer-pulls. A shiny jeweled-navel. It never happened. Other bonafide designers have created furniture using beautiful bodies as inspiration.

Peter Rolfe’s “Gen III” birch plywood figure doubles as a jewelry chest. He’s channeled my subconscious—really—and with decidedly more genius. His “current work is heavily influenced by nature, using shapes that we all recognize but would not be traditionally thought of as furniture forms.” Look.

Peter Rolfe's "Gen III"
Peter Rolfe's "Gen III" close-up

Sculptor and furniture-maker Mario Philippona transforms timber into shapely forms with natural oil and wax. His Moving Light takes up some space, but sheds some light. Check out his “Torsion” swivel piece, and how it’s made on Facebook.

Moving Light by Mario Philippona

Omitting the abdomen altogether these “New Retro-Futurism” leggy drawers by Dzmitry Samal mix fun and function by combining plastic and MDF or Corian. Sad that the Dude is devoid of anatomical parts.

Samal Design Leg table

Another work from previously mentioned artist Nicola L. La Femme Commode,” originally constructed in 1969, stands nearly 6′ high. More rudimentary than her later work, its body embodies the modern art movement that was happening at the time of its conception.

La Femme Commode by Nicola L.

• • •

In case you need to see more body parts:

DesignBoom ~ Something a little different… furniture tattoos on bodies.

DesignSwan ~ Atelier van Lieshou’s bizarre furniture designs.

Greed Mont Park ~ Human Furniture by David Blazquez.

UnplggdBob Turek an MP3 player and stereo amplifier out of a fiberglass mannequin.

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