Turning bottles and a basket into a beaming lamp…

Late last year, Gadora spied a funky upholstered chair (to be refashioned later) along the side of the street. Free for the taking! I veered the car towards it, pulled the brake, and hopped out. With eyes on the prize, I stumbled (quite literally!) upon a tired and misshapen wire basket. Hmmmmm, I’ll take that too. Remembering the vintage bottles the BFF had collecting dust in the garage, Gadora set out to make a hanging, musical lamp… (remember to click on the pics to see them bigger!)

Lamp ~ DONE

At left: the remaining bottles (I chose to feature similarly sized bottles with some detail). Right: the top of the wire basket—which when utilized as a hanging planter basket would actually be the bottom…

Bottles and the basket.

With some simple utilitarian wire, Gadora first wound a cut strand around each bottle, then the bottle to the basket. When bottles had lids, I wound the wire around the top of each, then tightened the caps back onto them. Each twist took a little less than a foot of wire, and roughly 5-7 minutes to secure both ends.

Putting it all together...

The base of another lamp, still in need of repair, provided the perfect place to prop up the new lamp while all the pieces were coming together.

Lamp ~ halfway done.

Gadora found an inexpensive Hemma cord set at Ikea. $3.99, thank you! But because one end held the plug, and the other the light bit, it needed to be disassembled in order to slip up through the opening of the basket. This was most important to make a place along the cord for the basket to “sit” on.

Wiring ~ Part1

*Tip: Gadora and her handy-electrician-holder-helper “CH” (see below) didn’t make a diagram of how to put all the pieces back together again. So, after a FEW attempts of wiring, then rewiring, we finally got it right. Make your diagram, folks!

Wiring ~ Part2

My new friend(s) at Lowes, when prodded about the need to secure the basket mid-way up the cord to allow the lightbulb to hang down amongst the bottles, suggested a few copper washers or some funky cord thingies (sorry, I can’t get any more technical than that). CH and I settled with repurposing an Aluminum Splicer, punching out the inner ring to make room for the cord. On either side of the basket, and between the splicers, we added silver-toned washers to help keep all the components in place.

Aluminum splicer close-up

Close-up of the pretty bottles, back-lit. Gadora left them with the dirts and bugs that had been collecting inside them for who knows how long. They’re old, see? But I did wash the outsides. Smooth to the touch.


• • •

Ta-dah! The hanging lamp-slash-wind-chime.
Lamp in Room

And a look up its underbelly.

Lamp ~ Up shot.

Here’s a video of the completed light fixture… what you don’t see in the video is HOW it’s hanging…

Thanks CH for your help. Couldn’t have done it without YOU!

Electrician-handy-lamp-holder CH.

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