Head-spinning design…

So, Gadora started this new gig last week. And it’s a good one. Sadly my head is spinning from all the things I’m having to grasp now, and in a hurry: Mac to PC formats, spreadsheets, and that dizzying phone system with all those fancy buttons. Thought I’d take a moment to muse about something that makes more sense… good design, incorporating craniums. Besides it’s an ongoing nod to my love of mannequins

Getting a head start on spring, Gadora first spotted these pretty planters on Instructables. LilMama wants to know how to make her own flower heads… and I do loves me some succulents.

Head planters at StoneFace Creations...

ClayFlower22’s Phaedra, 5.5 inches tall with head circumference of 12 inches, “is perfect for a small ivy or succulent. I am a modern doll planter. I have a drain holes for good plant health and would look perfect on your wall.”

Phaedra pocket Planter
Phaedra pocket Planter at Etsy

To put more ideas into your head… here are a few wicked little baby head planters in slip cast stoneware covered in a glossy white glaze by Etsy artist Michael McDowell. Check out his blog mudpuppy to see pics on how he does it.

Modern White Baby Head Vase by Mudpuppy

Conceptual artist Nicola L. created this 6-foot-tall aquarium-and-bar combo our of wood and plexi in 1996. The same year, she also constructed the shelved Library Head.

Aquarium Head Bar, 1996, by Nicola L.

For a table top display, these “Little Joseph” hand-painted porcelain candle holders, by designer Maxim Velčovskare,  are border-line creepy. But rather charming, no?

Little Joseph
Little Joseph by Maxim Velčovk

For something even smaller, Gadora has her eyes on the Mr. and Mrs. Muse Salt & Pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler.

Salt & Pepper shakers by Jonathan Adler

One thought on “Head-spinning design…

  1. oh my… those stone face creations are amazing… love the jonathon adler shakers. i like the mudpuppy ones – but, melted wax on infants… i don’t know – having a hard time with that one. i think pre-mommydom i would have dug ’em. but, so it goes.

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