Baby-makin’ felted Birdie

Gadora has befriended (or rather she’s befriended me) this groovy Gal. She’s a fellow Roller Girl. A real sweet crafter. And she’s  currently got the Baby Bug. Freals… Having turned me on to the felting craft, I thought it high time to beget her a bird. And because she has a cunning sense of humor, Gadora got down with her Fertility Bird. Using the Peruvian and Chilean coastal Inca Tern as reference, I gave her bird a preggers belly and one heck-of-a ‘stache. (Sorry Lady, I think growing unwanted body hair is another unpleasant side effect of being-with-fetus.)

Mustached baby-making bird

No matter, her bird also sports three felted dangling balls… they’re totally fun to finger.

Bird's balls...

Mustache’s on chicks aren’t all that sexy. On the cusp of my 4th decade, I’m grappling with one myself, but I digress. So, let’s just say our baby-making bird is more inspired by the nesting-instinct of this yellow-belly gathering fibers for her brood.

Mi Bob's Bird with Mustache

But like the Inca Tern, Gadora’s bird is identified by its dark body (this baby-making bird is olive rather than gray) and red-orange beak and feet…and yes, its hair-flanked beak. But my Girls’ bird also wears a funky alfalfa sprout!

Bird ~ Close-up

And the baby-making bird from behind.

Bird butt.

Happy getting it on, Lady. Glad love is in your air. ❤

• • •

Five fun things with facial hair…

Bearded Tit ~ (totally irresistible) Wait for it, he’s about 20 seconds in…

Beards. ~ “I made you a beard.” Kind of kooky, but absolutely fun.

EmmaKlingBeil’s Etsy shop ~ Swashbuckles print. Birds on ‘staches…

LauraGeorge on Etsy ~ Mustache Friend with Bird print.

LushLee ~ Mustache bandages…

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