Lucky No.3 felted bird: BulBul

Having a ball felting birds, my precious peeps. Though to date, it’s only been 3. Oh but the plans I have for my bags of beads and jars of buttons… A Southern-friend situated in Dallas requested Gadora create a felted bird for her. I’d be thrilled, I trilled. He would have to be special. A bit frilly. Definitely bejeweled. And everybody would love him.

Bulbul Bird.

Gadora was kind of thinking I’d construct my friend a Goldfinch from Alabama. But by incorporating the lovely hues of her witty abode, Gadora inadvertently created a yellow-bellied Bulbul, known to some as the Alophoixus phaeocephalus. No matter, he’s quite handsome. Here, Mr. BulBul perches proudly along the walk outside and enjoys the sunshine of a blustery day…

Bulbul in all his glory: vintage hat-pin and sequined Princess Leia updo, a gold-beaded necklace with center medallion and beachy, bakelite toe-ring.

The BulBul.

Towering over the rest of the nest, BulBul takes no bull from his fellow hecklers. They are a beautiful bunch.

Trio of feathered felted creatures...

Wrapped him up and sent him off. Dallas-bound he flew and a chipper girl he made in the process. When Bulbul arrives at his new digs in The Big D, I wonder what my friend might tweet…

• • •

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