Blankets in a pig… pining for swine.

Rather nomadic, Gadora has edited her belongings (this does not generally include my shoes) with near-scientific precision—before, during and after each move across town and country—slowly reducing the muck. The acquisition of things has never been a motivator. The pursuit of adventure, that’s a different story. And sometimes yes a special thing from a special place is in order. Recently, I spied this here “Blankets in a Pig” a friend’s Sister had procured while on a Mexican vacation.

Blankets in a Pig

How stinkin’ cute! Mexico. I’ve been there. How could I have missed this pig? Recognizing the pitch black ceramics I’d seen in Oaxaca, Mexico many years ago, I came home determined to quickly find me a puerco de Mexico. He’s simply precious and makes me giggle. And I want him. Sadly, what I thought would be a quick score has yielded pages and pages of not-so-successful surfing. But Gadora has learned Pomaireware, and what Mister Pig is fashioned from, is both functional and decorative earthenware typically produced in CHILE since the middle of the 19th century.
Pig-shaped Salsa dish

Laarsen Associates, a wholesaler out of Colorado and member of the Fair Trade Federation, will sell you some pigs. In bulk.
Teeny Salt Pig

Though not as deep as the original “Blankets in a Pig,” the Pomaireware salsa option at comes with recipes!!!

Pomaireware serving dish at

Not quite, but close, this piggy bank by Etsy seller MaryMee studio is of black metallic and handmade in Nebraska. One could remove his cork snout and insert the sarape drink coasters (but turns out they’re hard to come by, too…).

Black Metallic Piggy Bank
Piggy Bank from Mary Mee studio

Days later Gadora is no closer to that pig, or his blankets, than when I started searching, but it’s been a swell time looking. I STILL HOPE for my pig in a poke, so when you find one, do tell Gadora!

• • •

Other clay works:

Ken Edwards ~ still an absolute favorite.

La Fuente Imports ~ the finest in home décor from Mexico: folk art, Talavera pottery, Palomar dishware, etc…

SooRightCollectibles ~ a collection of black clay pottery pieces from Oaxaca… “the only place in the world where this type of clay is found…”

Talavera Emporium ~ San Antonio-based importers of import products exclusively from Mexico for Talavera (colorful make-you happy pottery) and from Spain for Majolica.

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