Q & A ~ Unique bedding under $150?

Via Facebook: “hey, i wondered of you ever come across a good website for unique bedding. i am looking for a duvet and shams and want to try and keep it under $150. so that of course rules out Anthropolgie and other awesome sights. i just thought you might have a suggestion as i know you are good with the blogs, etc.” Having only the adjective “unique” to go on, here goes…

Marimekko® Poloneesi bed lines, at Crate&Barrel, are certainly unique, and could pass for Anthropologie’s “Amlapura” duvet, at $298. “Inspired by Slavic folk art, Maija Isola’s exotic, ornamental botanical is as fresh today as it was when it debuted in 1963. “Midnight” black and purple flowers pop on a vibrant garnet ground of 400-thread-count cotton sateen.” Under $120 for the duvet, it has some nice reviews…

Marimekko ® Poloneesi Bed Linens

In contrast to Anthropologie’s “Twilit Vines” bedding (up to $328), Gadora suggests something a little more graphic. The Urban Mandala linens at Crate&Barrel’s sister-site CB2 offer an over-sized cityscape for under $100.

Urban Mandala at CB2

Heart the hothouse flowers, leafy ferns and warbler “Bird Song” bedding at Anthropologie, but $248 may be sky high. Their counterpart Urban Outfitters offers a “Bird Tile” cover in cotton, with a subdued layered pattern. ONLY $68! One reviewer, having given it 4 stars, offered, “the duvet cover is deep dusty light blue, darker gray, dark purple and a mustard yellow. It is very pretty but much funkier (less feminine) than I expected. The blue tones are much more prominent in real life…”

Bird Tile at Urban Outfitters

Also to rival Anthro’s “Bird Song” is the decidedly less funky, “Spring Sparrow” duvet cover and shams at Pottery Barn. But it’s priced well at $99 or less!

Spring Sparrow at Pottery Barn

In the same color-family as Anthropologie’s “Alhambra” bedding—but infinitely more darling (imho!)—is Pottery Barn’s “Red Coral Organic” set. ORGANIC! Yey! But, fancying myself a thread-count snob, I’m not vouching for the 200 this one boasts.

Red Coral organic duvet at Pottery Barn

To rival Anthropoligie’s “Midnight Canopy” in cotton is Target’s”Home Ikat” bedding collection in blue, made of 100% cotton, it rings in under $80. So, there you have it: bedding under $150. Did I miss your favorite?

Home Ikat bedding at Target

• • •

Honorable Mentions:

Etsy.com ~ Seller “DuvetLove” makes each one herself, this one is painted by hand, $95.

Ikea.com ~ “Kajsa Rosor” white cover with abstract flower, by designer Anna Salander, under $50. Whoop.

Kohls.com ~ “City Scene Bamboo” reversible duvet set, on sale for under $90.

Overstock.com ~ Sweet Bay 3-piece Mini (?) duvet cover and shams, under $60.

Target.com ~ Cocoa brown woven comforter, bedskirt and decorative pillows, $160 for a queen set.

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