Still Life with Settee ~ Part 2.

Thanks to the Ladies at SPRUCE Austin, Gadora has been diligently churning out precious watercolors of chairs they have meticulously refurbished. Chairs have always been a weakness for me, so it seemed a natural progression to paint watercolors of them. Here is the latest in the series “Still life with Settee.”

Oh Deer Chair at SPRUCE

Sadly for you they’ve recently sold their beloved Oh Deer! chair, but here is its original listing on Etsy. Paired with the watercolor of their White Knight Victorian sofa, you could still make quite a statement. If not a treat for your seat, certainly a feast for your eyes. Gadora is elated with this new collection. =)

White Knight Victorian sofa at SPRUCE

3 thoughts on “Still Life with Settee ~ Part 2.

  1. Sold the top “Deer Chair” today. Her email to me: “Thank you. They are sitting on my desk right now, and I love looking at them!

    I’m not sure exactly where they’re going yet in my home, but I’ll be sure to send you a picture when I finally decide. It might be a few weeks, though, before I get around to getting the pictures off my camera. That’s typical for me – just a warning.

    So thank you! They are wonderful paintings, and I’m sure my family and I will enjoy them for years and years!”

    I’ll keep you posted!

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