Q & A ~ I’m looking for an ottoman…

Gadora received a few photos of an overstuffed chair, in want of an ottoman. Currently the suede leather taupey-olive chair sits underneath a window to the left of the TV-console and is rarely used. Having quizzed its owner about her space, Gadora suggested a pouf… actually a couple of square poufs that could be stacked for an ottoman or separated to use as additional floor seating.

Chair wants ottoman.

Later, having shared the idea with a friend who snickered at such a word (but admitted it’s fun to say), I sent both Ladies the following ottoman round-up: to one a suggestion, to the other a reference. West Elm’s poufs for shape reference…

Beanbag Poufs at West Elm

Ottomans are tricky, no? If one didn’t accompany your favorite lounger, then what? Search endlessly for one to match the chair’s fabric and shape? Who has the time? Well-used, the current trend is oversized ottomans that double as a coffee table, but she already had one of those. A square pouf would be casual and non-fussy, less expensive than traditional ottomans… and equally as practical.

Solid-colored Poufs at West Elm

While not entirely square, this pouf by Etsy-seller “SodabyAmy” offers a sweet rectangular spot to rest on one’s laurels.

Pouf by SodabyAmy on Etsy

Not suitable to include a pic, I sent the Praxis memory-foam ottoman at Overstock. I’m not proud, folks, but it had to be done. Solid micro-fiber suede with a memory-foam center could be just the vanilla she needed. It wasn’t (whew!). Last, but not least, Gadora suggested the 15″ square Kantha pouf or a few of the flatter 18″ square cushions at Mothology.

Vintage Kantha Poufs at Mothology

Within minutes of sending my suggestions our “caller” wondered what I thought about the Kantha. LOVE, I replied. It’s vintage fabric exterior (it will be a surprise when it arrives) will play nicely with her collection of other pieces. And it’s lightweight, so she can move it around. With a handsome TV tray, it will function as a side table too. Can’t wait to hear how it works out!!!

• • •

In case she wanted round. Sadly, the 4,080 DOLLAR Flocks Pouf by Rotterdam-based Christien Meindertsma is out of stock. Gadora personally hearts the yellow, but the PLUS 6,900 clams prices it slightly out of reach.

Christien Meindertsma: Flocks Pouf Stool Large
Flocks pouf at Nova68

E Kenoz ~ Specializing in Moroccan-style home furnishings with 3 pages of poufs.

Fine-crafts.com ~ 49 poufs to choose from.

Unica Home ~ pretty poufs by Missoni Home.

Velocity Art & Design ~ Intricately embroidered silk dupioni Agadir poufs by Roost.

One thought on “Q & A ~ I’m looking for an ottoman…

  1. Oh, I decided to just go ahead and purchase the Kantha square pouf – what the hell. I’ll let you know how it turns out! Thanks again.

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