Someone’s got a brand new bag (and shoe portrait)…

For those of you who know me—or if you read Gadora Who?—it would come as no surprise that Gadora might take her paintbrush to shoes… in the form of a watercolor, that is. Working with, I created a watercolor for one lucky winner, and she’s been chosen: Kathleen from Bradenton, FL.  About every other week the shoe-centric site touts a “fab friday” give-away and gifts one lucky SHOE LOVER a pair of shoes, or handbag, and this week… Gadora’s portrait.

Sultry Shoes* for

Register to win this week’s give-away at, and tell them Gadora sent you. *The original photo was shot by Texas Photographer John Dunn for shuz magazine.

4 thoughts on “Someone’s got a brand new bag (and shoe portrait)…

  1. My ‘Sultry Shoes’watercolor have now found their way into a beautiful frame and the most perfect place on my wall – right next to my shoe closet! Such a wonderful sight! Thanks Steph, you’re the best!

  2. The watercolor arrived yesterday. It’s lovely!

    I feel like such a lucky lady to have won a prize that I so admire. Today I plan to shop for a frame to give ‘legs’ the integrity she deserves…besides, I can’t wait to hang it up.

    Have a watercolor kind of day!

    Thanks again,

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