Q & A – stop sign table?

Chatted with a friend yesterday, who hails from Las Vegas, about a table he’s looking to make. It was the THIRD request in ONE DAY for Gadora Wilder’s take on someone else’s stuff… Got me to thinking, how about a Q & A? What do YOU have that YOU need some help with? Give it to me.

• • •

3:07 PM Mike: Hey Gadora!! I have a furniture question for you when you get a sec. 
3:07 PM Gadora: Shoot. 
M: Looking to turn a stop sign into a cocktail table…how do I do it Master Jedi?? 
G: I’d say, you’d want to mount the sign onto a cut wood base, maybe 1″ thick so you’d get a sturdy table top. 
G: What are you feeling for base? There are things (legs) at Home Depot you can attach to underside of table.
M: Something fun…it’s going in my game room.
G: Wine barrel base?
M: OOOOOOOOOO. I like that idea.
M: Should I put some glass or plexiglass on top or leave it bare?
G: Check out these barrels… http://winewood.wordpress.com/products/
M: I really like that idea.
M: You’re the master.
G: You can get glass cut, but prolly expensive to bevel edge? I’d leave it blank, it’s a stop sign for Pete’s sake… it can take it!
M: Good point!
M: You’ve given me lots to think on…thanks!!
G: Thanks Mike. I may include you in a new Q&A section on GadoraWilder.com. That cool?
M: Absolutely!!!!!!!
M: I dig your X-ray lamp.
G: Thanks!!! Me too.

• • •

That was yesterday, and today I’ve found a few links for Mike:

Stop sign table at Craftster (click on pic for link)
Stop-sign table.
Stop sign table at iamanangelchaser.com
Rob's DIY (click on pic for story)

And a how to: 5min.com ~ “How to Create Your Own Custom Table and Attach Legs.”

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