Meet Miss Kitty…

Meet Austin local Miss Kitty. Like the city she calls home, “she’s vocal and soulful.” Her proud Mom beams Miss Kitty is a very special cat, “We love her so much. She has character and panache.”

Pretty Kitty.

Kitty’s picture was difficult to decipher. Were her eyes yellow? Was her belly brown? Her Mom Faith confirmed, “Her eyes are more green than yellow, very pretty and exotic,” and added, “she also has two “wisdom” whiskers—one on each side that is white. She has very soft luxurious fur. She is extremely beautiful and intelligent. She’s my #1 girl and my little black angel.”

Kitty on the carpet.

One thought on “Meet Miss Kitty…

  1. Matthew LOVED the gift! I framed it in a beautiful black frame with lovely scrollwork with hints of red, so it’s not a solid black frame. It looks good because it makes Miss Kitty stand out.

    I will send the post to Matthew, too, so he can comment on it. We love it!

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