Furniture making the rounds…

Gadora has been going round and round a lot lately, with skating that is, and thought it appropriate to include a few home decor options for those who like circles too.

Let’s start in the boudoir. Round mattresses were the rage in the Bond movies, just ask Barbara Bach. Found this patriotic circular bed on Craigslist, accompanying a furnished rental loft in Williamsburg. Click on pic to see more of Patrick’s loft.

For rent: round bed in Williamsburg

More ingenious than renting your way into a circular bed, is having your own. Prealpi’s “Infinity” is a round bed entirely upholstered in leather or fabric that offers a multitude of configurations. eRoomService posted a nice round-up (pun intended!) on the Top 10 Contemporary round beds, if you want to peruse other options…

Prealpi's Infinity bed by Studio Duedi

Of course they all beg the question… where do you get your own round sheets?

Tufted fabric, especially when applied to this curved-back sofa, screams sophistication and glam. Lizzie Nyugen of Spruce Austin confirms, “tufting originally was done to hold the padding place under the fabric.” Haute House’s “Monroe” velvet sofa, with tufted back and front, is handcrafted of rayon velvet over an alder wood and composite wood frame. Adore that it’s Made in the USA.

Haute House "Monroe" sofa

Not feeling the round sofa? Interiors Stylist Claudia Bryant layers a round pendant lamp, wooden side table and round doily rug. Never mind the bed isn’t made, the effect is sweet.

Claudia Bryant's fetching interior

Gadora digs VivaTerra, and let’s face it consumerism makes our world go round. They purport their products reflect a  commitment to, “uniquely fuse exceptional quality and design with eco sensitivities.” IMHO, they’ve achieved harmony with their resourceful wine barrel table, “fashioned entirely from a single fine-grained oak barrel, top to bottom.” I’d bring it indoors, snug it up near my couch, and enjoy it year-round.

Viva Terra's Wine Barrel Stave table

Another take on the doily rug (and who knew?) is designer Magdalena Lubinska’s DIA rug. Fine New Zealand wool is woven on looms to felt, the process is patent pending. Paired here with a modern-ish sofa, it serves to ground the expansive living room loft space.

DIA round rug by Magdalena Lubinska

Decidedly more modern, Doris Kißkalt’s FlexiTube is a dual-purpose architectural element that functions as both a shelf or room divider.

Doris Kißkalt "FlexiTube" storage

This Armand Riviera Iron Pendant at TonicHome is brilliant in its simplicity, and complements a variety of design aesthetics. Bulbous in shape, it begs any square peg-designer to give it a whirl.

Armand Iron Pendant at TonicHome

Posh Living offers a lovely vintage-inspired aviation mobile with wooden planes. While not a stretch to include this mobile in our round-up, it reminds Gadora of a tiny metal mobile my Dad used to have. And I like it. So there.

Around the World mobile at Posh Living

• • •

Have more round-about ideas? Let me know. Other sites worth perusing:

(Cranium) Furniture ~ for your own round-bed wishes…

Deltec Homes ~ prefabricated round homes offering excellent alternatives to “box”-style structures.

UK’s Graham&Green ~ not so much for the round inspiration, but for their inspiration in general. ❤

Saba Italia ~ The foam padded wooden frame, designed by Guido Rosati, makes as large a splash now as it did in 2007 when it was first introduced.

Yurt Info ~ created by Yurts: Living in the Round author Becky Kemery, as a comprehensive website providing both information and inspiration and assisting the worldwide yurt community in making connections.

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