Snuggle bugs: Asterix and Leo

Emily, a New York resident and Animal Print enthusiast, requested another for her Husband. He’s a cat lover. And little wonder, as his are two snuggly, fun-loving felines. Their Mama offers, “Leo and Asterix are both rescue cats. A summer night in New York City, we were wandering home from dinner through Union Square and came across a woman running an animal adoption program. She specialized in rescuing dogs, but had taken in a few kittens from the Bronx who badly needed a home. We took one look and brought them home. They were 3 months and 4 lbs then… and now are 2 years and 16lbs.”

Love bugs: Asterix & Leo

“Ever since…they have been the center of our world. They greet us in the morning and sleep on our legs at night. They make us laugh, they give us constant affection and we love them more every single day. We couldn’t imagine our lives without them!” Unlike many New Yorkers, Asterix and Leo’s is a room with a view. Gadora is guessing they love their snuggle time on that their perch, as much as their human’s laps.

Kitties in the Window.

The original photo Gadora worked into their watercolor Animal Print. Looking forward to hearing how the Hubby liked it.

Asterix and Leo.

One thought on “Snuggle bugs: Asterix and Leo

  1. He just loved the paining…. especially because he loves our cats so much! It was the perfect Valentine’s Day present. Thank you for your
    great work!

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