Fresh Eggs from Johnson’s Backyard Garden

The weekly Rec-n-Roller skating sessions, besides being hardcore and infinitely enjoyable, afford Gadora an opportunity to network with some wildly interesting Austin women. All skating enthusiasts, there are also graphic designers, underemployed editors, teachers, stay-at-home Moms, mother-daughter teams, and entrepreneurs. Last week one woman’s loss was another ones gainmine! Fellow teammate (I<3U Sinnerfold!) signed up for Johnson’s Backyard Garden’s CSA program…but skated before picking up her loot.

Johnson's Backyard Garden

Gadora came away with a cornucopia of earthly delights: spinach, beautiful carrots, a huge bunch of parsley, green onions, oranges and a grapefruit, cabbage and loads more. All lovingly grown right here in  East Austin, owned by Brenton and Beth Johnson.

Emailing Angel of Beth to thank her for such delicious yummies, I mentioned jumping on the opp to whip up breakfast for dinner with a cheesy-onion-spinach omelette. She responded, “You need some eggs then.” Yes. I. Do! Gadora is an egg eater, folks…of epic proportions. And at the next practice Angel of Beth delivered a 12-pack of beautiful eggs.

Carton of eggs...
Carton of eggs...

The carton contained 12 distinctive eggs, presumably from happy hen layers. They were (as many are now gone) non-homogeneous and so different in shape and size.

Pretty Eggs...

Reminds me of the few months spent at my Parents’ several-acre farm outside of Dallas, where I grew quite fond of checking the backyard coup each day to see what surprises the brood bestowed. We were delighted with their odd shapes and colors and could almost know which girl laid which egg. They were rich in nutrients, as evidenced by the almost golden-orange yolks and their shells were hard to crack. It felt so decadent, and natural, and good for our bodies.

Spotted Egg...

Through Johnson’s Backyard Garden CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, you can enjoy them yourself. More time than money? Volunteer for their work-share program where a half-a-day of harvesting nets a share of veggies. It’s a win-win.

• • •

Other stuff worth mentioning:

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