Kitties Comet and Daphne.

In mid-November, Gadora received a request for Comet and Daphne. Krista wrote, “I’m hoping to give my mom and my sister a portrait of their cats who passed away last year. We’re a cat family and I know it will mean a lot to them.”

I’m a cat family too, and was happy to oblige. However Gadora guessed inaccurately that Comet was The Pill. “Comet was actually a sweetheart!! Daphne was the cantankerous one! I really like this one for Comet,” she adds, “I think he had just woken up from a nap or something. This was near the end of his life so I think my mom would like it.”


Other snaps of the kitties.

Comet's Smile
Daphne's rrrrearrrrr....

And the kitties together…

Comet and Daphne bask in the sun.

Gadora realized just today I’d not yet posted their Animal Prints to Gadora. FOR SHAME!!! Have been wondering how Krista’s Mom and Sister liked their presents…. well….

4 thoughts on “Kitties Comet and Daphne.

  1. These portraits seriously make me smile everyday. Thank you so much for painting such awesome pictures of our cats and their amazing personalities! This was truly one of my most favorite gifts ever!

  2. The portraits of our babies Daphne and Comet are so beautiful. These cats blessed our lives for 15 years. They made every day special, thank you for capturing their beauty and giving us something to keep forever.

  3. Gadora captured these loves purrfectly (sorry couldn’t resist the cat reference!). These pictures are now hanging proudly at my mom and sister’s houses. Thank you again!

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