A fresh spin on CD recycling…

Gadora managed a thorough clean-up yesterday. With a dreary high in the mid-40s it was far from “Spring-Cleaning,” but there was this box, probably in the office, that held this very important stuff. I was thinking. And I was meant to find it. When said box was eventually uncovered, I also discovered a multitude of discs—some in paper sleeves and some in plastic jackets—most of which had been backed up already and were no longer needed.

What to do with those discs? Put them in the curb-side recycle bins? Throw them away? No. They’re sparkly. According to Earth911, “CDs contain three main components: plastic, metals and ink… But when it comes to recycling, only metal and plastic are processed.” So, Gadora has found alternatives… Spanish designer Belen Hermosa received as much press, originally in 2007, for his CD-chair as the number of CDs he used to create it.

Back Support Disc Chair

Thanks to Russell A. Jones III for his photo-journal how-to turn a pile of CDs into a snappy tower lamp. While my current collection pales in comparison, had I kept every CD already tossed, I’d have me one of these.

Russell Jones CD lamp

A forever fan of disco balls, perhaps it’s the new hobby Gadora has embraced—some of YOU know what I’m talking about!, CDs make a fun if not altogether tacky medium with which to make a house party! Zedomax also suggests, “If [CDs] have printed labels on one side, cut them up and make a mosaic. Smash your mosaic, and glue the pieces to a Styrofoam ball. Disco away.”

And to show you how…

Disco CDs
Disco CDs

If you just haven’t the energy to do something with them yourself, Bruce Munro WANTS your CDs. His CDSea project—a glittering ‘inland sea’ illuminated by natural light reflected by the CDs—promises to use ONE million CDs… (according to his site he’s at 150,331 to date!) Pic below is computer-generated, we hope to see the real thing soon!

Bruce Munro's CDSea

Interbent published “22 Ways to make Old CDs Awesome Again.” Though Gadora finds fault with the Christmas tree idea. That’s not so awesome. Gadora hasn’t even scratched the surface with “jewel case” love… for that you’re on your own.

• • •

Earth 911 ~ a link to iPhone’s iRecycle 1.1—listing events & articles along with the most reliable recycling information on the Web! (Someone is going to have to verify this for me as Gadora is holding on to her outdated “brick” phone until … it dies on its own accord).

Green Disk ~ for the big jobs! They provide full recycling accountability for the entire range of technotrash.

Make-Stuff.com ~ “stuff” you can turn your old CDs into, if you’re so inclined.

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