Still Life with Settee…

Gadora has something cooking, folks*. While the Animal Print requests are slowly rolling in, the extra time affords Gadora an opportunity to explore other avenues. Introducing Still Life with Settee series. I love painting furniture. Why not paint paintings of furniture? Rather brilliant, don’t you think?

Pierre Paulin chair ~ DONE
Eames chair ~ Done

Borrowing a few snaps from my Flickr contacts, I must give credit where credit is due.

This snap is from the series from “Maxime Clair’s” photostream: Today at The Flea Market. Wish I were shopping in that treasure trove! What a handsome chair.

Oyster Chair by Pierre Paulin

The Eames blue roller is from “Artcru’s” photostream: “Interiors.” Oh, to be in the places you have been!

Eames shell chair

Thank you both for the visual stimulation. Love your snaps.

*Okay, stay tuned. That cooking thing Gadora mentioned earlier (those of you who know me know I’m not talking about the kitchen)… there’s an event coming up, and for those of you within driving distance… I’ve already put your name on the RSVP list! More details to follow.

2 thoughts on “Still Life with Settee…

  1. you know what i wish i had? a painting of that pink alice in wonderland chair i rescued off the street in brooklyn. that chair was my soulmate.

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